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Nice screenshots. Yeah, she's not the sexiest drow tbh, but still, she's pretty cute and the only drow romance we have. Really, I think only major problem for me is the that the skin could be darker. Her hair IS messy, but she's a cultist in a goblin camp, so... Wish we can get her as a companion. Maybe also an explanation in depth for why she left other drow and maybe the option to sway her to our cause instead of Absolute.

Mintara is the sexiest drow, why not? Minthara is great, no need to change it to some other new drow character
Although, of course, I would like to see more drow in the game, but not at the expense of it

By the way, the game has not yet given us an understanding of what could be "our cause", but I hope it will be something fun, optionally evil. A way to gain power and respect. Otherwise I will choose the cult of the absolute