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It doesn't count? That's not what the game is tell me by supporting it in the EA ending cinematic.

You think it doesn't count. Not the writers, they made it a side quest (actually 3 side quests) which means it is optional.
You think role-playing is following black or white breadcrumbs that reward you with a black and white outcome instead of taking decisions based on your character's personality. Not the writers.
You think certain action leads to certain long term results you can't even prove exist because they aren't in the game. This has nothing to do with the writers.

You think NPCs should react certain ways to your character. The writers have the right to write NPC whore are lying to you, manipulating you and using you. Evil doesn't make you immune to those.

When Larian asked for evil feedbacks, that one quest options isn't what they meant. Lawful is actually the most lacking aspect in the game right now. Chaotic (good or evil) is the more prevalent. And evil (well entitled/vengeful/power hungry) isn't far behind Chaotic. Good (nice) is near Lawful in term of prevalence outside the Grove.

There is no reason when I get near the Druid Stone circle for the first time that my dialogue options when told I can't enter are:
- act like I own the place
- act like I own the place
- why can't I enter?
- leave

I say it doesn't count because these are permutations that change one line in the ending cinematic. Of course, the Tiefling / Goblin ending does the same thing; "You think back on the refugees and remember (their calls of celebration / THEIR SCREAMS OF DEATH). But those two outcomes lead to two distinct camp events which none of the others do. Camp events seem to be the milestones on which BGIII measures your progress so the Tiefling / goblin content is "main quest" material while everything else is not. I think we can agree on that much, right? Even despite the fact there is little to no "main quest" content in Act 1 to begin with knowing the tadpole is a red herring.

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Oh dear, how many lessons of history this reminds me ...

Some natives just take in some refugees that was not threated well in their homeland, probably bcs someone feel it as right thing to do, or maybe s/he pitty them.
Who knows, does not matter. Natives shared their land, their food, their homes ...
Sooner or later those refugees start to make their own comunity, distant from natives. Having their our leaders, working on own things.
And natives didnt even notice that much, since they have own things to care, and seen no problem in that this refugees started to care about own things too.
With some time, there was incidents ... there some kid broke something, there some other kid steal something, there some people have argue, there may even be risk of some fights.
And one day, natives just had enough ... coincidentally it was the day when one of kids stole their most sacred relic ... they stopped to feel pitty about poor refugees, they started to see them as leeches that uses their ground, eats their food, sleeps under their roofs, and dont even have enough decency to be at least so greatfull to try make no throubles.
So natives asked refugees to leave imediatly. And what happened? Refugees ... refused.

Still they seem so innocent to you? :-/

To me? Not at all. I can't just ignore all the subtext the writers put in though. I expect the story of the Tiefling refugees to carry on through the entire game, which is why I dislike how black and white it is.

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Well ... first of all, character you are describing will probably dont care about Shadowheart either. Just as about everyone else. laugh
So no ... i dont think they need to think that they screewed up ... i dont even think they need to think about outcome at all.

And yes, you certainly can end up litteraly empty handed.
As one old proverb says: "You played, and you lost."
I for one am really happy about this option in game ... finaly our characters are not allmighty gods that will do everything right, everything good, and everything for the first time ... finaly we can generaly fucked everything. laugh

Can't you see how this is bad game design? Why would anyone pick this ending ever again knowing that it screws them over completely. The evil path should lead to equal, if not greater rewards compared to the good path...