The Silence on-hit effect is amazing, look beyond the EA content a bit and think how effective this will be in later stages of the game as a swap-in weapon for your rogue, ranger or fighter.
Anytime you encounter a cleric or paladin type enemy, you won't need to worry about them buffing, debuffing or healing - at all. The way the Silence effect works right now, from my testing, appears to be without a DC to resist which is insane. I cannot imagine anything more oppressive than removing half of an enemy's kit without them having the opportunity to make a saving throw. Paired with items like the Staff of Arcane blessing that gives 2d4 to attack rolls instead of 1d4, missing attacks seems almost impossible.

@OP, you may have missed other magic items as well - Mystra's boots appear mundane, but give you Feather Fall for instance. In EA, I suggest you equip and check what happens before you get disheartened smile

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