Having Kahga be yet another "i have a solution" NPC is a cheap and superficial approach. With nothing to achieve because that too unavoidably turns out to be not true.
We already have that with Nattie and Halsin - and Gith patrol. And auntie Ethel. And the godamn Goblins who dont even know they have tadpoles implanted and refuse to believe it.

Having yet another same - false solution promise - is uninspired, unimaginative, cheap and too repetitive. I would like to have some other kind of content then "looking for a healer who cant heal the problem" thanks.
Its not like its a realistic option anyway - because the whole game is based on your issue with tadpoles and their effects - so ofcourse we wont be able to solve it in act 1, or 2.
And i sure dont intend to go around whole game world telling every major NPC is have a illithid tadpole in my head.
Its supposed to be a secret, ffs.

Helping Tieflings does not need to be tied to this game over solution to the tadpoles - at all.
Not every godamn sub quest needs to be about it - directly. It can just be a consequence of other decisions you make, that you are forced to make. And personal preferences of the players.
The whole world does not need to be just about you and your godamn tadpoles.

You find yourself in that situation - and you cant just do nothing anyway. Sure you can just stealth through and into the Underdark - for lols, just because, any maybe you can do similar in the rest of the game (i hihgly doubt it) but that means you will skip most of the content of the game. You may as well simply uninstall it. Btw, this also makes Shadowheart nagging about not getting involved completely nonsensical. If you are to find a healer - you have to get godamn involved.
One way or another.

And no, reducing everything into two extremes of good OR evil does not add any nuance. It removes it.
Having every major NPC offering a false solution also doesnt add nuance - it removes it.

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