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Can't you see how this is bad game design? Why would anyone pick this ending ever again knowing that it screws them over completely. The evil path should lead to equal, if not greater rewards compared to the good path...

Clearly i cant ... at last as much as you cant see it isnt. smile
We can allways just agree to disagree tho. laugh

You seem to take that screwed outcome as certainity, but! And this is important butt (:D)
1) You dont know reward, since we are not yet in the end of that path ... not for evil, nor good characters. So as i still keep repeating, there may be big reward in the end ... we just dont see it yet. wink
2) There is lot of possible permutations, lot of dicerolls that can change your course ... and yes, one of possible outcomes is you get screwed, but remember its only one of multiple results, it cant be taken as cetain. wink

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I wasn't enjoying the evil playthrough then I discovered something in the under dark which made things a lot more interesting...

I just finished a playthrough where I was pro absolute and to my surprise the story continues in the under dark despite Minthara telling me to go through the mountain pass! Luckily I wanted to continue playing so I went to the under dark anyway and I learned that you can actually talk to the Duergar and learn they are followers of the absolute and you can side with them?! This makes the evil playthrough much more interesting to me, shame the fort is not in early access yet.

In my Good playthrough I helped the Myconids so Duergar attacked me on sight before I could learn anything about them so I thought they were just generic enemies. I had no idea why they had a boat or why the boat took me to a fort but that was all explained to me in this playthrough.

It feels like a waste to have all this really interesting future content when Minthara is going to send you through the mountain pass instead? Why would we go to the under dark instead of following Minthara's orders? I guess the mountain pass route could be interesting too but I think the Duergar fort (if we can help them) is the type content that we are missing in Act 1 currently for evil playthroughs.

I feel kinda bad about ruining your excitement but:
I dont think they are related to Minthara at all ... if you watch this situation carefully, you shall see that there is many similarities as "on the ground" as "under it" ...
For example: Up there is three factions in dispute goblins, druids and tieflings ... down here its gnomes, duegars, and myconids ...

And i bet you know where im aiming with that ...
I presume that simmilar as up there you will have option to choose wich of those factions you will help, wich one you will wipe out, and wich (if any) you will betray.

I liked original spellcasting system more ... frown

Anyway ... i cast Eldritch Blast!