Just want to add how for me the fact that the world is set in a permanent sunny summer day makes it almost impossible to follow an 'evil' path.
Mainly for RP reasons: evil and non law abiding characters don't go stealing/fencing in the day, they do so at night avoiding guards. Also as an evil (or chaotic opportunist) PC , I def. want to rob houses, sneak around sleeping NPC's etc. The permanent daytime makes it that I have to quite literally remind myself that I am supposed to be evil and that making evil decisions in full sight during the day is apparently no issue.

To conclude, to have an immersive 'evil' or not lawfull good roleplaying experience I would need to be able to roam the maps at night/evening, I want to discover a different world after sun set. I want to meet thieves, fences, and other NPC's of questionable reputation when the sun doesn't shine. That was the kind of experience I was hoping for and I simply don't see how they can turn a blind eye on such a world defining feature. It really makes me sad that we won't be able to experience the city of Baldurs Gate both as the busy capital of trade it is in the day and the cozy but sketchy slum infested criminal capital it is at night/dusk.
ATM the only hope I have is that now that they made so much money on EA sales, that - given their stretch goals for DO - they will prioritize and try to implement some form of day/night (doesn't need to be fully dynamic).

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