Duergar Fight / Spectator Fight - Massive Bugs

I discovered two game-killing bugs:

Bug #1 - Reanimated Gehk Coal: I finished the fight with the Duergar and, of course, couldn't resist reanimating the one that can also reanimate dead: Gehk Coal. Problem is that I initiated the fight in a stealthy manner by shoving him off his perch and down to the beach below. By doing this, I had skipped the dialog; I felt it was pointless since I intended to kill them. The problem with doing it this way is that the game doesn't recognise that he's dead since I reanimated him with the reanimated Myconid. If I go too close to where the dialog would initiate were he alive and well, it does so and then throws me into battle with him. Except not really, because he's blue and I control him. So I'm fighting nothing. (Thankfully, I had saved and could reload to just after the battle end with no problem, since I could just avoid that specific area.)

As a minor bug with him being reanimated, many times he had a brief dialog with me wherein I could offer him something to increase my reputation or simply leave.

Semi-related: Glut loses his access to the reanimation spores either after one use or after reanimating a Myconid--I was not sure which and will have to test it during another play-through. I have been unable to use his reanimate corpse ability since reanimating the Myconid.

Bug #2 -Gehk Coal's reanimated corpses vs. Spectator: That's where the next bug comes in. I though I'd be clever and take my army of undead to fight the Spectator/Drow. Unfortunately, I did not actually control the reanimated corpses (those raised using Gehk Coal's ability), and so I could not select them to have them jump over to the different rocks when I was making my way up there. You'd think they wouldn't be in combat being so far away, but you'd be wrong. Oh, so wrong. Despite them being so far away, the moment that Gehk Coal enters combat, so do they. And this causes huge problems. The combat sequence goes on the fritz, making the sound like it's switching between characters or someone entering combat, and the only avatar at the top of the combat is Spectator. During one attempt, I was able to get two of the reanimated corpses to jump over during combat turns, but I never did get control of the third, or of Glut (who was stuck behind because the reanimated corpses were standing in the way). On the second attempt, everything was great until I had Gehk Coal enter combat (had him enter stealthed so he could get an attack in). The second time I tried, I couldn't get control of anything and it was just stuck looping with the sound and flickering single combat avatar of the Spectator. It essentially killed the game, since I was unable to do anything and combat was just perpetually stuck.

And with the new patch, I get error 223. So... starting all over again. cry

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