I highlighted in my thread that the reason why people are inclined to side with the Tieflings is because of how the start always paints the Goblins as "bad" seeing you don't have a choice to fight with them at the Druid's Grove. If people are given a choice to fight with the Goblins and experience the other side of the story, they may then be more inclined to take out the Druids. Remember that there are various ways the Grove can be ambushed and currently it seems the story is forced to go via the main gate interaction.

In my Halfling playthrough after the Tieflings took out the Druids, I systematically murdered each of the remaining Tieflings. I then decided to head towards the Goblin camp to inform Minthara of my actions and was hoping for a different reaction or reward of sorts. The same cutscene then proceed to happen where she gets annoyed at the Goblin with the poor scouting and asking me about the torture or if I know what happened. Was REALLY hoping for a "I took them all out myself for the Absolute" option which would be super awesome. Of course it was not meant to be and she then proceeded to do the whole, Lets go we found the place. Only way to proceed from then on is to take a Long Rest which then gives an update on the Quest that the "Goblins got to the Grove before you can do anything". Bummed out cause, you know, I was the one that did all the killing lol.