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i wonder how/if larian incorporates any feedback to modify an 'evil' playthrough to make it more worthwhile to pursue for the player to even out that 75v25 dynamic, ie quest rewards, companion priorities, ease of completing either story path, etc. i do think that for a dnd game that there should be more than just the 'good v evil' binary choices for this particular scenario, which there are already elements of (ignore questline or murderhobo everyone, etc) but i also think there should be a possibility for creating a truce or temporary ceasefire between the two sides (tho granted a truce isnt really evil) or if you were able to roll (intimidate, persuade, deceive, etc) to cause one of the two leaders of either side stand down in such a way that didnt result in bloodshed but still gave this story line a 'victory' to either the goblins or tieflings (or druids)

Move away from setpiece decisions and make larger permutations possible for both paths. Of course, that is not possible if the Tieflings have an entire arc planned in Act 2 which requires them to be central to the narrative. It seems to me that the goblins and Minthara betray you now so they are out of the picture in Act 1B and beyond, making the choice Tieflings or nothing at the moment.