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Yeah, this update pissed me off a bit.
Not for the lack of big changes in the patch (I already said more than once that minor hotfixes are all I'm expecting on the long term) but because the official post that accompanied the patch spent most of its length throwing useless factoids at us without even PRETENDING to acknowledge (let alone address) the most recurring points of criticism.

I agree that I think they should've at least commented on gameplay mechanics since it's been such a hot topic, especially the 5e and homebrew stuff. Something like "Our team is experimenting with changes to gameplay mechanics based on feedback and will get back to you later on" would have sufficed. Like I saw someone on Reddit comment, they're most likely different teams working on cinematics, bugs, what we got, compared to gameplay related stuff, which might just not be ready by now. After all, there is a lot of feedback and data to go through. But a comment on the topic would have been nice