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I'm also quite worried, they seem to think 75% took the good path because they want to play a good character. I can say that I saved the thieflings in the good path the first playthrough because I wasn't given a decent motivation to go help the goblins. Hell I didnt even know about an alternative until I saw the forums about Minthara. And there are many threads on this with the same problem. If you help the evil side you then get shafted by the game over and over. How Larian does not realize this after all the feedback threads they've gotten on the broken evil path is beyond me.

The only problem are people putting a morality value on the consequences instead of on the decisions/motivations of the characters. That's valid for posters and some people at Larian. It's not just about that quest. The companion's alignment threads are full of people arguing X or Y are good because they like pets. Go check the D&D alignment description, none of them says you can't like pets if evil or that good have to like pets.

Stealing isn't evil only when you get caught. It's always bad.
Saving people because you wanted to get revenge on someone holding them captive isn't you being a goody-two-shoes.
Killing the 3 leaders because Haslin won't help you otherwise and he looks like the best healer option isn't you going out of your way to save the Tieflings and play the hero.

I suspect most people have never seen the Raid/Defend the Grove, as the game set you on the "kill the 3 leaders" path from the start. I'm even surprised that they call the Defend the Grove the good path when you have to betray the trust of both the Tielfings and Minthara to get there. You're character is a selfserving asshole on that path.