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Have you redeemed her yet? She thanks you for pulling her back from the brink and reflects on what she almost did.

I did, and Olodan and her cabal just up and disappear lol. As if they are only there so you have something to fight during the confrontation scene when you know Kagha is a shadow druid. In my first "kill Kagha" run on Zevlor's behalf I thunderwaved the three mice (who were throwing fire and acid at me...) and these three people popped out of thin air. Druids are not a good narrative vehicle for the story they want to tell with the Tieflings and I have a sneaking suspicion that once we get to Baldur's Gate they will just do this one all over again with the townsfolk there.

Weird, I had some issues with my cinematic as well. The mice are the shadow druids, and their evil is foreshadowed if you speak with them using speak with animals as they are pretty nasty (though not as rude as Timber... F you squirrel!). They break the wildshape and command Kagha to purge you. If you succeed in religion/ranger/elf she turns against them and the three shadow druids fight you, Kagha, Rath and the two other rando druids. Otherwise the randos and I think the snotty librarian guy fight you and Rath.

The druids work well IMO. They've tended to have an isolationist attitude, given Silvanus has an alignment of Neutral. The tieflings present an easy scapegoat to further the shadow druids agenda. There's racism at play, but also that they arent druids so are less subservient to her. She doesnt want them locked in with her while she continues her work of converting the rest of the circle because they present a clear ally for those druids who might balk at joining the shadow circle.

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