That data mentality isn't Larian speaking, it's WotC/Hasbro.

Anyone familiar with tabletop and these two publishers knows that they love statistical surveys and the only thing they take away from it is how to model their product for increasing profits. This is why you see prevalent trends being endorsed and acknowledged without context or consideration. It started with character creation and now it's going into romance, good vs evil and other tripe nonsense and it will continue to go like this probably until shortly before release because, and this is just theory through reasoning, whatever difference there was between them and other devs who wanted the title most likely revolves around "it will sell more because of X Y Z" and now statistics are showing this to not be the case.

I understand that seems like lunacy but again, if you are familiar with WotC/Hasbro this is nothing new. They have dropped multiple projects before for this reason and have released products for this reason as well. Look up how "Dragon Magic" came to be a thing.

I am here to discuss a video game. Please do not try to rope me into anything other than that. Thank you.