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Of course they aren't.

they've already cashed in on BG3 pretty hard with a legal caveat in case they decide to never finish it.

Yeeeaaahhhh that's would not make a whole lot of sense from a business standpoint; not finishing the game when you know they have the funds to do so lol. I am confident they will finish this game as they feel they should.

That said, this update is a bummer. Better cinematics is not enough of a reason for me to replay this a 3rd time. I just want a working level cap increase frown That alone would have kept me going because then you can at least experiment with new power! I also didn't really care for how many players slept with who. Thanks for sharing but a content update of any kind - be it new leveling stats or new encounter(s) - would have kept me going.

Funny I decided to fire up DoS2 DE since I never ran through DE (beat it a long time ago before they released that update) and it's like wow look at all the stuff that's working flawlessly! You would think that at least some fundamentals would already be in place in BG3 working properly like inventory management/trade management/hotbar management, clicking on party portraits the first time instead of the 4th time to try and highlight the god damn char.

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