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Reading you is very dissapointing because everyone before the EA's launch said something like "Larian always listen to players".
That's exactly why I bought the EA, to give my feedback and hope BG3 could become the followings of the legend.

If they don't listen, I think the "DoS3" things will definitely become true.

Let's be clear, Larian DOES listen at what the players say. They did even with their past early access experiences.

What they don't do, on the other hand, is trusting their user base feeling on a topic after all that listening.

Here's the typical "Larian Cycle" when it comes to feedback:

Larian: "here’s our clever design."
Everyone: "Boy, that sucks."
Larian: "Nuh-uh, you’ll come around eventually."

*Two years later*

Larian: "Boy, that surely sucked, uh? Too bad what’s done is done."

Party control in Baldur's Gate 3 is a complete mess that begs to be addressed. SAY NO TO THE TOILET CHAIN