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Here's the typical "Larian Cycle" when it comes to feedback:

Larian: "here’s our clever design."
Everyone: "Boy, that sucks."
Larian: "Nuh-uh, you’ll come around eventually."

*Two years later*

Larian: "Boy, that surely sucked, uh? Too bad what’s done is done."

It would be nice if they kept us in the loop on what grand vision they have for the "evil" path and the Absolute. I sure hope it won't feel contrived if the latter gets a massive power increase in Act 1B / 2 and we are suddenly facing down a god or god-killer, or if the former leads to us becoming demigods through the ascension at Moonrise.

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Reading you is very dissapointing because everyone before the EA's launch said something like "Larian always listen to players".
That's exactly why I bought the EA, to give my feedback and hope BG3 could become the followings of the legend.

If they don't listen, I think the "DoS3" things will definitely become true.

Amen to that.