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I imagine there is some attention here, but I imagine most of their information is going to come from datamining on the people currently playing. Judging from the review numbers on the Steam entry, this forum represents a fraction of the current audience. Especially since I doubt the review numbers represent even a quarter of the people who have purchased. Because most people are lazy and tend not to report on stuff like this.

To be perfectly honest it feels like giving heavy weighting to this forum would be irresponsible since we are simply the vocal minority. Important to observe and take into consideration, yeah, but there's the risk that appeasing us actually overall harms the success of the game.

Especially since we are divided all over the place.

Some people love Jump and Shove other don't.
Some people love the complex environments and height advantage, others don't.
Some people think it's too much Divinity, others don't think so. (I need to actual play some divinity to have an effective opinion here.)
Some are fine or approve of the compromises with the Tabletop rules, others insist on total accuracy.

There's not much in the way of subjects that we aren't effectively split down the middle on. And it's not like we're allied on subjects at all times. Person A is fine with issue X but not Y. Person B is fine with Y and Z but not X. So, we're all going to find something we want not happening and in some cases what we don't get is a dealbreaker that's just the way it is. There isn't anything for but just that.

Even listening to us doesn't mean they'll decide what we say is something they want to do. We can complain all we want, say "dumbed down" or some other term, but it doesn't give us any more validity or authority. And if the couple hundred of us here on this forum all got to the point we didn't want to play the game...and given how all over we are, I doubt that would happen....it would still be a fraction of the total audience and would likely still be very successful.

Regardless of whether all the things I want to happen get in or not, I hope the game is successful because it will introduce new people to D&D which will introduce new people to the roleplaying hobby in one form or another. And even if that's just as players of video games or spectators of the RPG streams, it grows the community and reaches more people and more players and more GMs and more designers.

Everything you said is completely valid and I think anyone who ever raised any suggestion or complaint in this forum should always keep it in mind.

However, there is power in the hardcore fanbase and I don't think it should be disregarded so casually. And like I said I would appreciate ANY kind of comment. Short list of possible comments I would have appreciated-
-"we saw your comments but there are just too much for us to properly respond right now"
-"we saw your comments and we disagree with them so we'll do things our way"
-"we didn't saw your comments yet"
What I don't appreciate is the complete indifference. They wrote a very long update. They could add a line about the discussion in the communities. But, like I said, it seems right now like we are little more than data to them.

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