I find the note on the Tieflings vs Minthara a little concerning, given that they specifically requested feedback on the evil route and all the critique on it seems to be overwhelmingly in agreement that their "Evil" route is much more akin to Chaotic Stupid than Evil or even Chaotic Asshole (which I play regularly). Would have liked to see them mention again that they've heard the feedback, since they mentioned in the stream weeks ago that they heard players found the goblin route unsatisfying and were tooling with changes.

Of course those kinds of changes are going to take time, and given I'd rather they were working on the actual game and potential rewrites than a bunch of immediate fixes to placate some loud voices on the forums, it's possible that those changes don't trickle down to EA until months from now. That's not a surprise to me in the slightest. Still wish they'd mention they were doing it.