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I like jump, and shove and height advantage, and surfaces, and the action economy, and I don't care about the hp bloat, or things people are claiming are too hard/easy, or about barrels, which i have never picked up, I don't think its very much like DoS 1&2, neither of which I really liked, except visually, which is fine imo. And I don't care about D&D tabletop, or some sort of magic fidelity to "the books". I am far more interested in bug fixes, stability, combat speed and hanging (which falls under bugs really), plot consistency, story quality and role-playing opportunities, all of which could do with some work from what I have experienced, but all in all its seems like a good game.

I'm just one of those people who are quietly enjoying the game as it stands.

May I guess that you're mainly here because BG3 is the next Larian's game and not the next Baldur's Gate game and/or D&D game and/or that stand in the FR ? smile
Serious question, that's not some sort of judgement.

Removing my original post, I can say I love Jump and Shove because they match more closely what my scenery chewing group does in any RPG we play, D&D or otherwise.