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as someone who was late to the larian dos1/2 party and isnt as familiar with what the ea process for those games were, is there any insight or expectations the community can take from larian's responses to feedback for those games that we can apply here to bg3?

The problem with a lot of features currently subject to criticism is that it's a "now or never" scenario.
There's no "Maybe they'll talk about this in few months". They either recognize that there is a problem immediately (and then they can feel free to take all the time they want to fix it) or they can keep pretending all is jolly and dandy and let these issues cripple the overall quality of their product.

Which would be a shame, because there's so much here to love.
I've been playing the Baldur's Gate games since the day the first one launched, I loved them for years, I often listed BG2 as possibly my favorite RPG of all times* and I still think Larian here have the building blocks ready to create a game capable to surpass the originals.
IF they readjust the aim now in some minor areas.

* despise a certain amount of shortcomings.

I have the same feelings as you (and I usually agree with you) but I think more and more that we will both be disappointed...

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