I just finished my evil run and pretty much had the same problems. There's no incentive for being evil. The gith route isn't in EA yet and that might work for a more sane selfish character that doesn't care about the Tieiflings. Wish the absolute people actually tried to recruit you though. Isn't that the whole point of putting the tadpole in us? They could offer us a way to control it, tempt us with power. Astarion might even be into that. Instead, they're all wanting to kill us, making it hard to even get on the evil route. I save scummed to do it both ways. Sided with goblins for the hell of it, only reason there is. Then I saved the tieflings since Halsin would be best bet for removing my tabpole in that instance. It's kinda funny that they throw a party for me when I'm the reason the goblins knew about their location. Felt like Shrek walking into my camp, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SWAMP!?"

On a side note, my evil run was also my solo challenge run. I didn't recruit any of the companions. I could solo the temple bandits and gnolls. Even managed some goblin encounters. I used environmental traps and would take ranged pop shots, hide, repeat. Didn't bring any barrels with me for those kind of tricks. I was a rogue too, so even in a fixed action economy my sneak attack cheese would still work. Enemies should come looking at the last place they saw you rather than just standing still and *growling.* Most goblins I could skip past, being an evil drow. Sneaked past the minotaurs too. I did use Glut for the dark dwarves though. For the big battle at the grove I used the ogre bonehorn. I was actually surprised how little I died and that I could actually make it to the skiff and end the game. A fun challenge!