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The problem with a lot of features currently subject to criticism is that it's a "now or never" scenario.
There's no "Maybe they'll talk about this in few months". They either recognize that there is a problem immediately (and then they can feel free to take all the time they want to fix it) or they can keep pretending all is jolly and dandy and let these issues cripple the overall quality of their product.

Which would be a shame, because there's so much here to love.
I've been playing the Baldur's Gate games since the day the first one launched, I loved them for years, I often listed BG2 as possibly my favorite RPG of all times* and I still think Larian here have the building blocks ready to create a game capable to surpass the originals.
IF they readjust the aim now in some minor areas.

* despise a certain amount of shortcomings.

Very well said. Those are big decisions to be made, but they need to be made (or at least seriously discussed internally) now, not when the game is about to be released. I'm not saying they should do anything without proper consideration or churn out the patch with 3 overhauls tomorrow - but now is the time to start doing something about underlying systems in the game.

That said - perhaps something IS being done about those and we just don't know that. Perhaps they are internally testing stuff we've been vigorously discussing over the past weeks and aren't telling us so we can't tell them "U FUCKEN PROMISED" should they change their minds.

Though even then - it would alleviate some... player anxiety if they stated something like "We are aware of several major points of discussion regarding game systems and we are working on some of them. We'll share more specifics once we feel more confident about releasing these for public testing.".

If I'm not mistaken, Swen said (German streamers twitch interview) that they were planning to release some info on "this feature is currently in the works". I'm very surprised it's still not here. Like people have been suggesting the dialogue improvements (the whole party talks) since EA launched and we know (from the same interview) it's something that was supposed to be included on EA release but wasn't ready.