Really reading quite heavily into a quick info post up. They released a patch and threw up some stats of gameplay, I've seen that done with HoI4s, Swtor, FO76 and others, doesn't mean much other than the fact that they're recording various stats. It's not like a lead came out and said 75% sided with the teiflings so obviously we will only be focusing on the good path.

As for if they're reading feedback I'd be surprised if they aren't, I mean they did ask for feedback and this is their main forum. Now they may not be reading screeching posts or hyperbolic posts but who knows. As for acknowledging it, maybe they'll post about it or maybe it'll just show in future patches, I mean some of the major complaints ie. the "evil" path or combat complaints aren't things that could be immediately addressed anyways. Reality is even if they responded you're just getting responses from community managers or some other PR speak person so it's meaningless other than you get to feel good about being acknowledged.