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Clearly the neat stats they've shown us so far are just fun facts they want to present to humor us. Like who players are romancing or how many times the dog has been pet. Doesn't make me think "they're using this data to conclude that Shadowheart needs to be more attractive". Similarly, I wouldn't think anything of the good vs evil route.

I agree that these stats are meant to be "fun facts to humor us." The problem lies that for the past two weeks, we haven't heard anything from Larian. Meanwhile, we've had a lot of good (and bad) discussion on these forums about things that mean a lot to us. Narrative, combat, gameplay things that we feel are fantastic or terrible for the game. And after 2 weeks of silence, Larian puts out an update that mentions almost none of these things. Not even a line saying "we are currently still reading through feedback."

Speaking of good boys, last update we discussed how Gale was ultimately attacked quite a lot. Check out last week’s update for the stats on that. Somewhat contradicturally, he’s the most “romanced” of the party.

This line stood out to me much more than the "75-25% stood with tieflings" line. They bring up the fact that Gale dies a lot, which they acknowledged in the previous update. This has been the subject of many forum discussions: how enemies focus on the lowest-AC character, how enemies attack downed party members, the lack of the spell "Shield" in the game, etc. And Larian just glosses over all that feedback, all those hours we have put in, to tell us "Gale has been romanced the most!!!"

Either they are aware of these issues we have discussed, in which case the humor-only-update reads as condescension. Or they are unaware of our complaints/praises, in which case what is the point of anything we're doing here?

tl;dr: Larian might be working on all of our feedback. They might be making decisions on whether AI should attacked downed enemies based on our suggestions. But we don't know. And it is frustrating to see a patch/Community Update (that we've been eagerly waiting for) with little acknowledgement of our feedback.

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