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Where are we actually standing? EA is a somewhat open term.
Reading through this post i start to fear that this company is like a lot of others, taking money and then just investing the minimal amount of that money and using the rest for other stuff.

Playing this it still compares a lot to an alpha build. Graphics and animation is annoying but the least of the problems this game has.

I sincerly hope this comes around. Seems very promising. laugh

The fact is. we don't know. And you will find, especially in a thread like this, much of the more negative attitude towards Larian. But only time will tell. We still have at least a year to pass by before we will see the final product.

what does it even mean? If I criticise certain things Larian does I'm negative?

I'm sorry, that was my answer to UnknownEvil that, what I take from what he wrote, seemed to have lost a bit of hope. And, taken the thread title, plus people's disappointment, mine included, with the latest community update, into account(?) you ofc will meet a lot of harsh critique and negative emotions right now. justified or not. It was just a reminder for him/her to not condemn the company when there's still so much time left for them to improve. I never meant to offend anyone in this thread. Clearly I manage to do that enough in my own threads smile