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I’d say that was the worst scenario possible that was expected in their community update. From what it seems they’re trying to increase the replayability of the early access instead of moving forward.

I mean not really? They are polishing graphics and tweaking performance but this update seems to just be the in-dev stuff from pre-EA. There is nothing in it that incentivizes me to invest another 70 hours into EA right now.

I mean EA is their main way of getting data and feedback about how people play the game and want to play it ( data AND feedback in this particular order it seems).
So it seems only natural they want to increase the replayability.

Sven said in an interview just after EA release they won't be making any public roadmap or public announcement as to what they are working on or what they will be working on. Mostly because everything is subject to change and they want to have the freedom to remove something from the game without deceiving expectations. So I'm afraid you can straight up forget about Larian making a public announcement like " Yeah, we are considering increased party size". One day it will happen or it won't, there won't be any middle ground or public statement regarding their point of view on this.

Alt+ left click in the inventory on an item while the camp stash is opened transfers the item there. Make it a reality.