I think BG deserve RTwP, first because it's his essence, secondly because it is well-suited for it.

So I just quote some people I agree with

I'm a Divinity gamer and strongly believe that Baldur's Gate should stay RTwP-based. I'd actually be disconcerted if Larian attempted to fix the Baldur's Gate series by making the sequel turn-based.

slapping the space bar to manage the combat in the original BG games while keeping an eye on the status box still seems exhilarating to me.

For me combat being chaotic is precisely what makes it interesting and entertaining and realistic and yes, exhilarating. A good combat system should be sub-optimal, messy, chaotic, and imperfect in terms of battle results.

Baldur's Gate had both RTwP and Turn based. While RTwP was the default setting, it was possible to change it to pause after each turn. They should implement both ways of playing like the Baldur's Gates games offered.

Why are you TB guys advocating so doggedly against a RTwP mode? Nobody is arguing that TB needs to cancelled. We just want to have an option where we can choose.

Games like Pathfinder Kingmaker and Pillars of Eternity 2 have options to play either RTwP or TB.

Also people saying turn based is more representative of D&D are ousting themselves as uninformed. The duration of turns and rounds are outlined in the 5e PHB and it is explained, I believe, that it is all just an illusion as in reality multiple things are occurring at the same time despite you experiencing them separately due to the inherent limitations of tabletop and pen and paper. Unlike in video games we don't have a processor that thinks in nanoseconds and can bypass all this clutter, clunk and artificiality instantaneously to give a much more accurate simulation but this was the implementation in older games with the ONLY difference to turn based being that the world does not sit around and wait for you.

And one from me, at least !

One of the massive problem with Larian is their will to transpose the DOS2 gameplay in BG3. The barrelmancy is a typical example of why it can't work.

DOS 2 was a little "absurd" universe, one where moving barrels everywhere and becoming the king of barrels explosions could be acceptable but BG3 is more of a "serious" universe. So what worked (and I appreciated) in DOS, doesn't work for BG.

Just imagine reading a forgotten realms novel by Larian, it would be like "And then Drizzt Do Urden send away 6 barrels of oil from he carry in his pocket before sending a stupid candle on it, burning all his ennemies to death and all of it in six seconds"
So is the reason TB is not suited for BG, let's read the new forgotten realms Larian just published :
"After the ennemies saw him, Drizzt decided to let them move first. The first ennemy climb a a cliff and send a fire arrow on him, the second ennemy jump on him and shove him to the ground, the third ennemy rush on him and hit him twice and then the last ennemy jump on him and shove him again. Finally, Drizzt decided to fight back. He jumped to leave the pit where he was and attacks one of his ennemy once, then, hurt and burning, Drizzt decided to stay still and wait again because it was only fair to fight this way and far more strategic."

It's absurd, it's DOS, not BG.