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There is nothing urgent about the condition. The start of the game, the intro and first immediate five minutes push that angle but there is no actual need or reason for it.

The actual experience of the gameplay is designed directly opposite to any kind of urgency.
Most of the plot and revelations about the condition get revealed through companions interaction which doesn't happen without resting. And the first bigger effects also happen during or within resting periods.
The whole experience of actually playing doesn't have anything to do with any kind of urgency about it.

You may want to spend the game repeatedly going from one major NPC to another and asking everyone for a solution and reveling to everyone your condition. I dont.
I would rather have additional different content that would make the world feel more alive, that may be connected to our quest in different ways. Sometimes more, sometimes less, and sometimes not at all.

Nothing urgent? I am not sure we played the same game.

You're told very early on by everyone you meet that you have only days, maybe hours, before your soul is snuffed out and transformed into a monster. Nettie tries to murder you because she is worried you'll change before Halsin is found again. When you rest your companions ask if it is wise to make camp knowing you may all turn.

The gameplay may not encourage that sense of urgency but the story does. The characters don't calm down about the tadpole until after a couple long rests and they start to wonder why they've not turned already.

Also if you don't want to tell everyone about your tadpole that is absolutely already an option. You can keep it secret and not tell anyone if you want, but you should also have the option of telling people in hopes of finding a cure. With potential bad outcomes to go along with it if you talk about it to the wrong person, like when you ask Gut to cure you.

Anyway, we're veering off course. We shouldn't derail the thread. This is about Kagha and how we can make her side more justifiable or at least rewarding.