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But they’ve already stated they’re reviewing the forums and reddit etc...

The last two updates have been pretty "minor" in terms of actual content or changes and I would expect that to be addressed at some point. I could be wrong of course, and I would certainly prefer if Larian were more open with discussing roadmaps, plans, etc... but that’s the kind of stuff I expect after a month or so of gathering and internalising, rather than a rash "yes we’ll fix everything" comment. I know that’s not what you are after Tuco either, but some on these boards are at least coming across as rather quite pissed off after what has been merely a couple of weeks since release In a still tricky work environment.

Sometimes no news is good news. No they haven’t stated what they intend to fix, they also haven’t stated they won’t fix some of the larger topics in here either. Think for now we should accept the updates as what they are, upgrades whilst they work on the big stuff and see what happens a little later down the line.

But hey that’s just me.

yeap if they have no clear timeline on when they will address a problem, makes no difference at all to mention it at this point, wait at least 2 months before complaining of not being heard, be reasonable

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