Larian has, at this point, f'd themselves with one or more groups of players. That said, there was no way around that situation to some extent. I think they chose a half-hearted middle ground and have alienated more than they could/should have. No matter what they did there was going to be a group that raged against the game. If they had gone RAW 5e then the DOS1/2 fans would have been mad it wasn't DOS at all. If they had gone full DOS with Faerun plastered overtop then the DnD crowd would have been even more inflamed. They tried to go down the middle and kind of ended up making both sides annoyed in different ways. The people that loved DOS for it's mechanics and action economy miss it and many don't like the limited action mechanics that Larian's 5e implementation presents. The 5e crowd dislike how they have made so many changes to what is objectively a very well balanced rule set and created balance problems left and right which they don't seem to have any interest in correcting. I don't think either side is right or wrong, personally I'm on the 5e team.

At this point there isn't a way they can make things right entirely. If they convert the entire ruleset to 5e RAW they are going to really piss off the DOS crowd, if they swing more to DOS they're going to piss off the 5e crowd. I think they would have been better served starting from a more pure 5e ruleset and tweaking things a little to feel somewhat more like DOS as the EA progressed.

I've considered seeking a refund, honestly. I fully expect the game to be more or less, from a rules/gameplay perspective at least, unchanged from it's current state at release. I'm hoping that the modding community will add a more pure 5e experience to the game. I don't see myself enjoying it the way it is. I literally despise the ground effects they have going on.