When going through the forum I realized people often say " BG I, II and ToB". I do the same.
I forgot Siege of Dragonspear ever existed.

Mechanically it was literally BG2, the UI was improved together with sprites getting way higher resolutions etc.
The writing in the game wasn't necessarily that good but it was good enough and the only issue with the game was their "archaic" approach to certain subjects. Not worth digging into this aspect but that was the "louder" issue out there when it comes to Dragonspear. The story doesn't matter though, I finished BG2 so many times while knowing the story by heart so really the replayability is not about the story.

And it was the most recent take at making Baldur's Gate great again. Would be interesting to know your feeling about that game. It didn't become popular as far as I know. I played it once and never came back to it cause the story companions felt poorly written. Instead, I just went back to BG2 for one last run. A solo run. And finished my adventure with BG after killing Irenicus single handle until BG3 came out.

Did anyone else try it out and was there something there that you liked or disliked? I was really surprised that game was a failure but apparently bringing back BG2 in it's original form wasn't the way to go. Would be really cool to see BG2 fans opinions on it.

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Alt+ left click in the inventory on an item while the camp stash is opened transfers the item there. Make it a reality.