I totally think it’s fine to highlight that the stats are likely skewed because “reason ABC”. I still read that as a little harmless fun insights, similar to the generic character creation one.

I don’t expect these little updates to come out and say: “oh people obviously aren’t being evil because we totally made being evil super hard to figure out and unrewarding”.

1 - Because even if you do most people jump on you anyway for not realizing prior to release / and usually want to know what you’re going to do about it!!

2 - Not everyone got the “hey try and be evil memo”. I have several friends who just bought the EA thinking it was further along and that the companions were not evil just grumpy or weird and go on with being their usual good guy selves. It’s what the majority feel comfortable with and given none of the companions really push you or get too bothered if you play it safe and nice, there’s little real obvious incentive to play “evil”.

Which is totally valid criticism of course!!

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