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Come on guys... Larian have given themselves upwards of a year to fix stuff and you’re crying that after two weeks the patches only fix minor bugs and cinematics? Come’s across as a little entitled.

Well, this makes any attempt to have a discussion a bit pointless, because what you are doing here is beating a strawman, not addressing the real point.
No one is complaining the current patch is not fixing everything and satisfying all our desires, the disappointment comes from the written update absolutely refusing to acknowledge any of the major points of criticism so far.
It's not even that I was expecting a "P.S. Tuco, we totally noticed all your bitching about the awful controls and we are fixing everything by tomorrow. You're the hero of our design team. Sleep well, mate!", but I was hoping for something like a vague handwave in our direction, even if sugarcoated like "We also received a lot of valuable feedback about rule implementation, controls, reactivity, Ui and we are working to address it".
But Nah, here's some trivia about what demographic likes to bang who.

And just for the record, for anyone willing to smugly wave around the good old "You forum dwellers are a niche, everyone else likes it", two corrections:
1) I like it too, which doesn't mean I can't find flaws in it.
2) If you people take your time to check video reactions and stuff, you'll see that while the general reception tends to be good, even a lot of more "casual" users are spotting the rough sides on this current version of the game. For instance, you don't have to be a 5th Edition purist to realize that hopping around is the most efficient strategy and that it looks stupid as hell.

Rolling 1d20 intelligence to agree with you. Target 2. Ah..Failed... you're wrong , after all you're a forum dweller(Quick Load).

But on a more serious note I have to agree. Most of the issues here really have nothing to do with being a purist of d&d rules. ^^ And in the largest threads people tend to give not only a problem but a reasonable solution attached with it. Hence the reactions about romance updates lol.

Alt+ left click in the inventory on an item while the camp stash is opened transfers the item there. Make it a reality.