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Want to preface the following comment with a lot dev studios are terrible with communication related to their games in development. So not unique to Larian.

Forbes has a few articles related to the importance of feedback economy especially to consumers utilizing feedback sources (like forums). Its highly recommended if not considered critical to respond directly to feedback, even if you don't have an answer, often. Letting the consumer know they have been heard regularly makes a huge difference in the quality of the feedback going forward.

Side note: will see if I can find and link them, been a little bit since I originally found them (months). Only cause they had some interesting statistics about it.

Totally, though with more communication and acknowledgement comes more consumer expectation, but that in general is fine.

I do think there are valid points being made, like uncertainty over whether remarks by Larian regarding stats are serious or what not and Larian could possibly help themselves by adding “oh characters look like this because [insert amusing answer] OR because the community feel there is a lack of choice currently? Comment below ->”

You know open up a debate on these issues with a dash of humor and self critique.

Same here with the evil stat, had it been phrased “oh are you all goody two shoes or did we not entice you enough to the dark side?” People mich have reacted less feverishly.

But I‘lol bow out of this for now and see how it goes. I certainly respect people’s right to critique, I just am against hyperbole at this early stage.