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I'm a Technical Solutions Architect that for almost two decades has done nothing but develop, deploy, and support enterprise applications for companies in the billions for annual rev. I do a heck of a lot better than these guys walking people through this stuff. Its a simple tactic - communicate a bunch so people don't ask you questions and repeat known issues. If users know what is up, the channel quiets down to new issues and everyone has more time to find and focus on the high priority issues. The level of effort is so low - that is what is blowing my mind. Can anyone say what this will look like in 2 weeks? 1? Thats crazy. Im at 250 hours into this right now, so it isn't like im flipping them the bird, but my submission rate has dropped to a tenth of the previous rate. If they care they can ask about something. The throw sht against the wall and see what sticks attitude isn't that much fun, ill just play the game and hope their in-game engine is giving them something useful as that is the only thing they are really acknowledging right now.

Orbax I vehemently agree. I'm in tech in Silicon Valley. Treating customers to near silence about their concerns after your go live gets your company killed.

It's more common in games, probably even more common after an established studio takes in ~ $45M in EA sales, but you don't have to look too far to find other games that did a better job managing EA comms (Hades, Darkest Dungeon).

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