I would not say the indications are that Larian *isn't* listening, but rather, we can't be *sure* if they *are* listening...

To Larian moderators & developers,

In the vein of this thread, it would be helpful if you included in your patch notes, "We have heard a lot of what you said regarding X (pick your big topic - 5e rules, ground effects, etc.), and we are evaluating how best to adjust the game as progress develops."


Be straight up in the other direction: "We have heard a lot about what you said regarding X, and we feel we are on track and will continue with XYZ in this regard even though it disagrees with 5e PnP mechanics."


Hey, "We heard what you said about XYZ, and we are implementing fixes that will hopefully blend the 5e mechanics with other cRPG philosophies we believe will benefit the game and community..."


There's a hundred variations...I'm just saying: Give us something to indicate where you're headed in response to the gross amount of feedback in this forum. Very few care about cinematic imperfections at this point -- we know its early access and frankly we want to hear more about how you are handling the finished product with regard to rules & gameplay issues we have brought up versus cinematic imperfections.