Larian has serious structural issues where it comes to community management. When it comes to communicating with your community I think no one does it better than people working on Path of Exile or Space engineers.

1)In case of path of exile they have their patch notes and updates and on the other hand you have a community manager keeping an eye on the forums, being part of the discussion and passing some of the more important feedback to dev's. You know she will read your bs. She will answer. And if it's not bs but actually structured feedback you will hear what the dev team thought about your " idea". A very successful game.

2)In the case of space engineers, they literally had weekly feedback during EA all the way up to the release. The game itself turned out to be a Frankenstein but the communication was there and was visible. They also had a community manager and his entire work was about being a forum dweller and communicating with the devs + creating the weekly updates. Without it space engineers wouldn't be a nice (failed) idea . It would have been considered as thievery.

3)Path of exile is free to play and space engineers was an EA sold for 10 EUR.

Compare that to BG3. We have patch notes.

I jumped into BG3 EA out of curiosity but also because I hoped for a two way communication. We have a one way communication right now.

But effectively there's no answer regarding the forum feedback. I have no doubt there's a guy at Larian who's going through everything in here trying to create some kind of feedback list for devs. He probably wants to eat his keyboard reading all of the above btw. But this same person should be given time to interact with people from the forums. The same people who just want to stay in touch with a company they entrusted their money for what seems to be less than 20% of the game.

The money you pay for EA is obviously a help for the DEV based on trust but you need to upkeep that trust. With the quality of the product + communication.
For now we have quality (with some flaws) but no communication. I want both cookies.

Alt+ left click in the inventory on an item while the camp stash is opened transfers the item there. Make it a reality.