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Larian has serious structural issues where it comes to community management. When it comes to communicating with your community I think no one does it better than people working on Path of Exile or Space engineers.

1)In case of path of exile they have their patch notes and updates and on the other hand you have a community manager keeping an eye on the forums, being part of the discussion and passing some of the more important feedback to dev's. You know she will read your bs. She will answer. And if it's not bs but actually structured feedback you will hear what the dev team thought about your " idea". A very successful game.

PoE Devs constantly get shit on and you heard how some of them break down and cry due to the criticism they receive. Also, look at how every league the complaints are the same even though they're pretty much not a vocal issue amongst the majority of players.

So, what you want might not be for the best either for their sanity. But as the Composer alluded to and what you suspected is that there is someone at the other end having to sort through all the stuff to make sense of it.

I mean yes they get shit on due to their decisions BUT bex is staying in touch with reddit. The problems with the shitstorm around GGG was the understanding of " less is more" . After this league they finally understood what this means xD. But now imagine if Bex wasn't here. If the ONLY answer were GGG patchnotes.

If you look at what Chris Wilson said they're changing their process and fighting against scope creep but their iteration time remains the same. However, that does not mean they won't try new ideas like Synthesis, Betrayal, Blight, etc which also received a ton of complaints. It's not simply "less is more" some players really just want to map and play iterations of Breach, other players want something else.

But sure, I can imagine if Bex wasn't there because I rarely look at her posts and her posts are only once every 3-4 days depending on the context.

My point is that no dev really wants to bother with the most ungrateful shits that comprise of the vocal community. They obviously didn't bother in DOS2 and it sold fine.