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Thanks for making this its own thread!

But yes, 100% agreed. I also wondered if there was some sort of oversight and the male half-elven faces got swapped with the full elf ones. I'm not even against the devs giving the elves a more "human" look, such as Astarion, who I think is a good compromise.
And even Astarion is far more fine-featured than just about every male elf head in the character creator. The one you posted in the opening could, imo, almost work as a dwarf face if you gave him a beard lol.

I'm not exactly his #1 fan but I'm looking forward to playing as Astarion - as all the origin characters we've seen so far! His appearance is marketable and most people seem to like it, so I think Larian will stick with it without any hard changes, but I'd definitely love to see more lore-friendly face options for custom elves.

This does leave the problem of the lore-friendly faces standing alongside the marketable faces in the game world, but you can't have everything and that topic's already been well covered in here. Suffice to say it'd be jarring but better than nothing at all. Maybe Larian could consult with WotC about a reason for the differing faces?