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My point is that no dev really wants to bother with the most ungrateful shits that comprise of the vocal community. They obviously didn't bother in DOS2 and it sold fine.

Any dev worth their salt wants to hear all of the opinions. You can get really good ideas even reading the most vitriolic crap. Source 25+ years in I.T., 20 doing development and architecture. If reading mean things makes you sad don't make things that humans interface with, they're all little animals and the nice ones will turn vicious as fast as anyone when it doesn't go their way. Go watch how Jobs treated people at Apple, Bill Gates was a tyrant. You either have vision like they did and its just as miserable or you want the community to help. Star Citizen has its poison too, but I havent paid attention to it in like a year and a half and I still et emails like twice a week from them about all their stuff. I'd say they have a pretty aggressive goal too.

The point is simple: Its possible, its relatively easy. Pretty low odds that I could walk into their offices for a week and walk out saying "Yep. Its impossible to meet their goals and have any kind of interaction with the community. Whoa!"

The fact is they are doing exactly what they want to be doing, and it doesn't involve the community. It wouldn't be an issue if they had made their process and goals clear. The forums would be empty except for a hopeful few and the rest would play the game, beat it, wait for the next patch, and probably play it again.Stop if they aren't having fun anymore. Quiet, simple, we are in accord. Could have been a brothel, we paid our money, got what we wanted no frills, and we go home. Right now, it was implied we'd be getting coffee back at their place and they said "thanks for the ride, I didn't have any change" and patted the taxi off to take you home when you got 3 blocks away from their apartment. If I knew that would have happened I'd have gone to a brothel :p

Orbax : thx for the insight based on experience. Always cool to hear how it might look after years of dealing with this kind of subject form the other side ^^.
Limz : They sold more copies than they expected day one. Such a huge success comes in the end from the games they make. The feedback everyone hears, the one that impacts the sales is based on the majority of those who bought the game. You are right.

Now you have the fact this thread exists. Is it cool for Larian to have it on the forum? Eeeh..not really. Is it avoidable at relatively low cost? Also. Is it impossible to reach successful sales without avoiding it? Absolutely not. But over time the reputation of Larian's EA (and only EA) might be kinda " meeh". It won't be a problem on the short term but on the long run if you can avoid it why not do it?

The thing is most of the things you do to interact with your community are straight pointless when it comes to the goal you're working on. Apart from managing your community "sanity". ^^

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Alt+ left click in the inventory on an item while the camp stash is opened transfers the item there. Make it a reality.