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It is using the baldurs gate brand, D&D brand and FR setting. In all of these elves have a consistent description and aesthetic. Moving past that elves originate from northern mythologies. Changing this and saying it is your interpretation is creative bankruptcy. I don't remember much complaint about how elves where portrayed in their own IPs.

exactly this, these stopped being Larian's elves when they got permission to slap the D&D and forgotten realms label on the game now the game is part of a eistablished IP, it's not more differant then in Larian did KOTOR 3 and wookies for some reason had tails. Giving Larian feedback on their faces not looking quite right, is honestly valid, because for fans of the franchise, stuff like that is important. Larian managed to catch that elves trance rather then sleep. so that deserves applause, but yeah, suggesting they make elven faces more angular because "they don't quite work right" is legit feedback

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