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I guess half the issue is the evil route isn’t obvious.

The game starts making a big deal out of getting rid of the tadpole and the druids seem to offer up the clearest path towards doing this, so why shouldn’t I just murder the goblins and free Halsin? The fact that this idea of a cure is to say “hey no rush buddy, go to place x and get some answers there”, feels a bit cheap.

If the Absolute do have plans for you, or if the game wants to at least grant this as an option maybe they should try and get the message out to you sooner. I mean yeah the Druid leadership sucked and I would have happily slaughtered them, but you’re informed Halsin is not such an arse and can likely cure you. Should have know better after the Nettie incident.

Also if there are NPC’s, whether Goblins, Drow or Aunties out there to provide alternative options, maybe the party members, especially the murkier ones could suggest we hear these alternative arguments out?!

So anyway, I didn’t set out to be good per say, it’s just following the concept of tadpole = bad means that one focuses on one’s self and the so called good side just seems the logical choice.

In other words, the “evil” play through could do with some additional marketing!


Only character I had that sided with Minthara was due to conditioning and that he finds the tadpole powers useful. There was no compelling reason for my other evil character to do this, he saved Halsin because he wants this thing out of his head now and he was the most logical choice. Didn't care about the Tieflings at all and killed Kagha and her friends right after killing Nettie (Tieflings lived). Not going to listen to some female Drow who has been corrupted, as far as he knows this Absolute is going to try and control him. Even someone playing a proper Lolth Sworn would possibly kill her for betrayal. There needs to be better dialogue or anything really that makes it more compelling to take the evil path.

I would be amused however if all paths are murky. I like hard decisions in my games no matter what "alignment" my character is.