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Wish the absolute people actually tried to recruit you though. Isn't that the whole point of putting the tadpole in us? They could offer us a way to control it, tempt us with power.

Wait here ...
Absolute (as potential godess) do all that. When speak to you through your dreams.

Oh? I never got those dreams in any of my playthroughs. Maybe I didn't use the tadpole enough. My evil rogue that did use it never needed to long rest either lol

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Instead, they're all wanting to kill us

True, but that is not Absolute, that is her Cultists ...
While Absolute may be godes, or some entity that will try to become godess, and may want another followers, worshippers, etc.
Cultist are merely mortals, who want their power in this new system ... so they, on the contrary are affraid of competition, and therefore erase it as soon as possible.

At least that is how i understand it.

I suppose. At first, it seemed liked the Absolute was commanding them to kill us. There not too competitive in their cult, getting gnolls, goblins, and drow to work together, but not the players? I could see both ways, but in the current state it's still a difficult path to end up on.

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Then I saved the tieflings since Halsin would be best bet for removing my tabpole in that instance.

Well ... so far all we know is that Halsin can point you the direction where from is that "strange dark magic" that alternet tadpole ...
Meaning he will just show you the way to the Absolute, simmilar (if not just the same) as Minthara.

In a meta sense yes, but I meant for that in-character experience, Halsin was best bet. Being unfriendly, my character didn't meet the hag or have La'zael around. Goblin priestess was a bust, so Halsin was the only option at the time for that character