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That could be a solution, there is a small player base that are actually hard core D&D players and want Baldur's gate to be exactly like tabletop D&D. And for them I hope they can find the mods to play the game the way they intended. For the rest of us I honestly hope they don't do that, because with all the respect D&D deserves, it is an old system and could use a lot of improvement.

how do u know you are representing the majority of players? And 5e is release for only like 5 years, how come it's a very old system?

They might be referring to PnP in general, not just 5e. Majority of gamers are casual as well. They won't be showing up on forums or complaining about 5e rules. They'll be Twitch or twitter just having fun with the sillier parts of the game. I can't think of a big RPG series that hasn't streamlined theirs games either. So I've ended up usually playing the old ones with graphic mods or new ones with game changing mods.

That "majority" isn't opposed to PnP ppl. They simply don't know, don't care. Hence irrelevant as long as the game remains good and fun.

The ones who would actively oppose to PnP ppl would be... DOS fans.

Now DOS fans vs PnP fans, which is the majortity/minority?

What is BG3? Another DOS game or D&D game? It's time that Lariat realizes it can't be both at the same time. (Yes it can and it is, but you know what I mean... smile )

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