So Ive been thinking about how the Great Old One level 1 ability "Awakened Mind" might be implemented in BG3. Its a weird ability to try and simulate in a video game where much of the dialog is scripted. Its essentially telepathy, communication between two minds, as opposed to speaking with words.

I must admit, Im having a tough time seeing how this could work in BG3. But the Great Old One needs something to compete with the Fiend's Dark Ones Blessing temporary hit point ability. Thats a tangible, real bonus with real effects that bolster your survivability early on, and currently I can see no reason to pick Great Old One over the Fiend. The Fiend is just better.

The one idea Ive come up with is to maybe give The Great Old One the "Detect Thoughts" Spell as a free ability, that can be used anytime as an action, no spell slot needed, and doesnt count as a selected cantrip or spell. "Detect Thoughts" isnt exactly telepathy as it isnt communication, and the other party is unaware of you reading their minds, but its the closest thing I could find that exists in the game.

Even so, I still dont think it compares to the Dark Ones Blessing in terms of bang for the buck, but at least its something, and at least it gives Great Old One players the ability to run around reading everyones thoughts at will.

Really Im posting this in hopes that some of you other Warlock lovers have given this some thought as well, and maybe have come up with some better solutions that mine, which admittedly, is pretty simplistic.

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