Why are we claiming 5e to be the minority? Um the game was advertised with Wizards of the Coast to be representative of 5e as a dnd product. LMFAO!

It also happens to be a part 3 in a series that is known for trying to adapt the current editon of DnD upon release. It was never advertised as a Div clone that would use more of its rules. And still is not!

There is a lot of posts between here, reddit, and steam and they all are complaining about it should be closer to 5e. Or the things they want changed ARE already in 5e or how 5e would have done it and they just didnt know cause they actually dont know shit about tabletop and or 5e. The only people who are saying dont add more 5e are the ones who do not play it. Every 5e member who got ready for the game only like a couple of the changes from the base system. The rest is bad math and terrible game mastering.

For instance: Push and shoving and their action economy. Enemies having adjusted stats like low ac but huge hp pools, conversations and skills not being at all utilized. Damage and action economy of spells and or class abilities. LIke spells leaving pools of lava but doing less damage. There is a poll scrolling these forums and every issue listed that had the highest votes would be gone had they stuck to 5e and not Divinity. Div is a good game but a lot of their systems got added on the last month of playtest. Where as 5e was playtested 1-2 years before release and still has errata happening. Sure it needs work and there could be changes. But jump and shove was never one of them. This game sped up looks like a clunky Mario... not a tactical dnd game.

In every instance I have seen. It would have been superior if done the tabletop way.

Why? Cause the characters and their stats and abilities are tied in every way shape or form to 5e character creations rules. But the monsters are freestyled... the encounters are nonsensicle. WHY FORCE THE PLAYERS to follow the rules but nothing else?

As soon as they start implementing the changes and they will. They did during divinity 2 playtest. They overhauled the entire combat system after feedback. IT will happen again and all the nay saying about 5e will be gone. Cause it will be implemented and people will enjoy it. We are not trying to break your toy... We are trying to help you. Make BG a DnD game and keep DIVINITY a Divinity game. It is ok for these to be completely seperate entities I love them both. But BG will benefit more being what it was advertised to be. The game that WOTC paid for as their new publisher... A modern representation of their tabletop in game form.

BG 1-2 didnt follow the rules to the letter either... everyone was ok with that. But the things they changed where for the better. Usually involving game balance with fun. Now bg3 tried to add fun but lost a lot of game balance in the process.

In the end you will see if they listen and make changes. The game will be 20 times better this time next year. Im not talking bugs and cutscenes I am talking changes to the entire SYSTEM!