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Thank you for this post. I think a lot of us were looking for this type of comment from the Community Update and were disappointed when there wasn't one.

Meh, sort of.
I appreciate that he took the time to write that reply, but without any pretense to speak for everyone else I should probably make it clear that on a personal note I'm not looking for being patted on the head.
What I'd like from Larian is more along the lines of telling us what they are taking away from the feedback. What they are planning to do about it.

"We are listening" should be more a prerequisite than an answer.

To be fair, they can't just knee-jerk make changes based on feedback. They have to analyze the feedback and compare it to their game data. Then they have to decide what the community actually wants. Then what the community wants has to be compared to their goals for the game so they can make a decision.

Unless the feedback is overwhelmingly (and obviously) in a certain direction, that's a big undertaking to get right.