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Unless this is communicated to the player through gameplay I see no point in pretending there is a bigger picture we are just not seeing.

Well ... i havent seen any "big final reward" for being good either. :-/
So it seem only fair to presume the same for both paths.

Yes. Yes you have.
When I play the goodside I am pushed towards Halsin the druid who can help me remove this eye.

My other options are a Hag I could never trust.
And Gut who seemed to want poison me, I succeeded in my roll and she decided I should die. Evil Path FAIL!
Throughout the goblin plot I was viewed as an imposter. If my identity was discovered I would be dead... why should I risk it?
Sazza wanted to torture me after rescuing her and Minthara wanted me found and killed until I tricked myself in.

I see no longterm benefits in allying with the bad guys.
I would be killing the only healer willing to help me freely and putting myself in danger. I would be joining the enemy's ranks as an imposter that could be discovered and killed at any moment.

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The player knows ingame that the Absolute is a sham and its forces are presented as weak and newly emerging, no sudden massive increase in power on the Absolute's part is going to convince me otherwise.

A sham? Not at all ...
For one, Absolute is that magic entity that stoped your transformation ... even that aloe is proof enough of her being real. laugh
For two, players dont know ... other characters presume, or are quite sure about, but they dont "know" since they have no source. wink

For one we don't know the source of this power, it seems completely illithid in nature and its pretty much a ticking time bomb in our heads.
For two. I don't need to have a meta knowledge to make decisions in the game. I take what seems most adventagous based on my personality or the personality of my character.

And unless either I or my character are a suicidal psychotic masochist I doubt I would ever join with the bad guys.

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Not to mention that even if what you say is true, I don't see why siding with Minthara is the same as siding with the Absolute as a whole.

Me neither ...
Im not sure if i ever even sugested such thing.

Presuming that Larian will be loyal to their permutation standards ...
We may be possibly do many things ... ally her, betray her and take her place, boss her, etc.

Hopefully. That and among other things are the only way I would join up with this... Absolute cult.

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If that were the case, surely the goblins would not betray you.

Goblins obey their misstress ... she comand, they follow ... they dont even think for themselves.
Therefore Goblins "technicaly" never betrayed you ... Minthara did(read as could), and they just followed orders.

Oh cares? Betray is betray. Why are you wasting our time making long posts and just fill them with redundant and unimportant information?

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Helping the Absolute feels like being its thankless errand boy right now

A bit, yes ...
In my country we say: "Who come late, harms himself."

Again. Please actually make an argument or say something constructive. Like what am I supposed to do with this? Are you agreeing or disagreeing?

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everyone else already on board with it is in an established position in the Absolute's forces and would kill a newcomer like you on a dime. Nobody tries to sell you the side of the Absolute other than the being itself through those dreams

Yup, totally ... so far we met 2 Absolute priests ... and conveniently she was both selfish beneficial b**ch, that was just planning to use us and betray us for her own benefit.

So you are agreeing that there Larian is not giving the players any reasonable argument to join the Absolute?

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75% to 25%... This confirms that this binary choice is the only one that matters and how poorly implemented it is.

I think not ...
It certainly confrims that through multiple permutation, wich can suit multiple different character you can get two outcomes by the end.
After all, even if you were able to take half Tieflings to prison, and then sell them as slaves ... wich was one of suggestions here, you will be still concidered as "helped goblins" in this statistics.

What is your native language? Because I think you are completely missing certain nuances that are being commented here that you are completely missing.
My point was the 75% to 25% are a symptom of a problem that the community update gave a bad interpretation of the data.

"75% picked the good path! You guys are so nice!" vs "75% picked the good path... why? Oh because Evil path sucks! Dont worry we will fix it."

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Wish the absolute people actually tried to recruit you though. Isn't that the whole point of putting the tadpole in us? They could offer us a way to control it, tempt us with power.

Wait here ...
Absolute (as potential godess) do all that. When speak to you through your dreams.

Lol. Oh christ its frustrating to talk with you.
You are interpreting things so wrongly, making false equivalencies and assumptions that sometimes I wonder if we saw the same thing.

Ok. Fine. We are getting recruited through a sexy dream?
Well lets forget every single minion she could muster has a "KILL ON SIGHT" order on my butt. But yeah... those sexy dreams!

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Instead, they're all wanting to kill us

True, but that is not Absolute, that is her Cultists ...
While Absolute may be godes, or some entity that will try to become godess, and may want another followers, worshippers, etc.
Cultist are merely mortals, who want their power in this new system ... so they, on the contrary are affraid of competition, and therefore erase it as soon as possibl.

At least that is how i understand it.

What you are doing here is called a headcanon. You have crafted an entire new story in your head and you think that is what's going on. Truth is we don't know.
The only thing we do know is that anyone working for the absolute is searching for us. And want to kill us.
This is not a coincidence.

Now whether this is true or not. It does not matter. I don't care for some last minute reveal to subvert my expectations.
I see what I see and I have NO incentive to join the bad guys in Act One.
And if I don't do it in Act One I doubt I can full explore Evil side in Act Two if it gets better because of all the future potential evil friends I could have brought along in Act 1.

And before you suggest I use this new information and replay the campaign as evil... I say NO.
The game should already give me the proper presentation so that I could make an INFORMED decision.

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Then I saved the tieflings since Halsin would be best bet for removing my tabpole in that instance.

Well ... so far all we know is that Halsin can point you the direction where from is that "strange dark magic" that alternet tadpole ...
Meaning he will just show you the way to the Absolute, simmilar (if not just the same) as Minthara.

Again with the meta knowledge speculation.
My friend. We are only discussing what can actually see and experience. You need to stop it with the headcanons and speculations.
It is incredibly frustrating reading such incredibly long posts when half of it is your own imagination and it never occurred in the game that we are providing feedback on.

I hope I wasn't too tough on you but its late and I am tired after reading through this mess.