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I feel exactly the same. It was the thing that led me to leave a negative review on Steam, because doing an EA release to use players as unpaid testers without intending to change anything philosophy-wise feels like a scam.

Being unpaid testers is exactly what we signed up for, and it’s ridiculous at this stage to say they don’t intend to change anything. EA isn’t a process with a turn around of a few weeks, it’s likely to be at least a year.

Hitting bugs and making the game more stable is an obvious place to start. I gave up playing not far into the game due to constant crashes, and frankly I wouldn’t mind having another go (haven’t tried the latest patch yet though).

Even before EA we saw two major changes based on reactions to gameplay streams- initiative systems and ditching the past tense dialogue choices.

There will be other changes, but it will take time for Larian to decide what to change and how to change them. Not everything people ask for will be changed, of course. Probably nowhere near.

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