People have a right to be dissapointed in the turn around times of feedback to acknowledhement ratio.
I just think there are equally a vocal minority who are going overboard, or whose expectations are off the chart in to how this should run. Larian do not have SLA agreements with us, we signed up for the EA to do more than help a studio out. We were oversold NOTHING in return. No promise to address, or acknowledge or fix anything based upon what we uncovered and posted was in the EULA agreement of EA.. Now of course, Larian upfront said they would most certainly look into doing those things and yes, I am sure they would like to be more upfront about what has been uncovered. I think we as fans have a respnsibility to provide constructive feedback on the game and on communication, but equally to be respectful of the current market/working situation and the fact that clearly Larian were overwhelmed with EA sales and feedback. And yes, you signed up for EA because you are fan, because if you are a customer, then you should have read what was on the box and waited for full release.

I've seen a few examples float around here, including Star Cititzen, the most over promised underdelivered game possibly ever, at least until recently. I was there from day one and I can promise you community updates took a fair few weeks to get off the ground. They essentially took the money and built a whole new company and then got to work. Yeah it looks pretty good noy and they still aren't finished, so if that's the standard, I think we can cut Larian a few more weeks.

I do no know of a single game (though there most probably were examples), that went EA or had piad ALpha/Beta's that adressed the biggest concerns so quickly. It is ALWAYS bug fixes first, get the game in its state as playable as possible, soak up the feedback, wait for the smoke to clear and then make a sound judgement call.

But we are going round in circles and I am part of that. So why not all agree that we hope Larian address the big concerns, mention them, acknowledge etc... and let us keep from throwing the baby out with the bath water every time a minor community update comes out about dog petting, that my X hours of playing and feedback was not worthy of recognition.